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Our Design Process

Good design doesn’t happen by accident. Here’s how we produce consistently high-quality work.

  • A microscope illustration

    Step 1


    The first step is the most important: we listen. Who’s your audience? What’s your message? At Gurry Design we don’t do anything until we answer these two fundamental questions.

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    Step 2


    After the research, it’s time to harness layout, color, and great typography to connect your audience with your message. We start with pen and pencil and finish when you love it.

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    Step 3


    The final step is to turn your design into a living, breathing website. Whether it’s for WordPress or static HTML, we code like we design: clean and clear, the way Google likes it.

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Client Testimonial

Peter, these designs are so good. Simple, easy to navigate, and just pretty.”

Matt Solomon
Peter Gurry

Peter Gurry | Founder & Designer

I read my first book on HTML 15 years ago. The same year I got my first copy of Photoshop and I was hooked. I’ve been designing for the web ever since.

The web has changed dramatically since my first website but the fundamentals of good design haven’t: clean code, solid visual hierarchy, well-crafted typography, and clear, compelling story-telling. These never go out of style and that’s why these inform all my design work.

I have just recently finished my PhD and have moved home to Cincinnati, Ohio where my family and I expect to be for the near future.

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